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Online Courses

Join one of our Online Courses on Women's Health.

Vital Woman is our Online Course Concept that we created together with other Health Specialists, to bring you even more vitality. 

You will be able to choose between a variation of different themes. 

Spira Health Consultations

Health Consultations

Learn about and support your general health. Increase your cardiovascular or respiratory health. Get guided around fertility, how to prepare for conception, pregnancy and birth giving, as well as how to recover after birth. Ease abdominal or pelvic pain and reconnect with your body and mind. 

Caring Products

Purchase our Caring Health Products in our Webshop, get a Gift Card for a friend, or go to one of the shops we recommend here on our page for fair and quality products that benefit the health of you and your family.


Veronica F

At Spira I've gotten help with so much over many years. The therapist is fantastic and really tunes into what works for you in the situation you're in.  I've received very caring and helpful advice when it comes to my body & health, pregnancy & breastfeeding, hormones, parenthood, stress and I've changed my diet with good results. Spira are the first ones I contact when I need guidance, I'm so grateful for all the help I've received during the years! 

Sara S

Sara is very knowledgable in her area. I had a hard time getting pregnant and I got very valuable guidance on how to become pregnant naturally. It resultet in two healthy, wonderful children. I also turn to her if I need advice & tips around female hormonal balance. It feels safe and calming and I always feel that I have more trust in my own body after a consultation. I can warmly recommend. 

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